「I look around.」リリース文




All my production tries the embodiment of a certain one image and are to continue pursuing it what it is. The budding to come up in my work frequently wanted to show presence and a scene in childhood in an image in a motif to appear in the image well faithfully rather than the childhood as the plant. The thought does not change, but space cuts "the embodied image" that until the end of it, opened by the last display how this time in the same space and does it in sustainable form or still tries it. I needed the motif of "the window" with a thing, that purpose to cut in small form without invading the existence that was an indeterminate form faintly this time. While I am out of inner the window is located. And I have a similar impression toward a scene growing thick of the childhood. Both exist between my inside and outside world. There is right the image that I want to embody wherever of the meantime, and I always look for it. The production is means of that purpose. And it is not yet found. However, I am showing an outline little by little. I think that you can see it as one of such processes. 

Amano irika